A sneak preview of the new version

As I had wrote into my previous posting, I am working on a new version. From this point I am working on release 0.0.3 of the SIS tool. The SIS-tool is at this moment closed source pending on a descision of my boss regarding choosing a license type (read this posting).

So down here the changelog of version 0.0.3:

  • ‘not-defined’ for applications does not appear any more in the applicationname, it will take the last part of the registry key if displayname is not defined;
  • Read Windows specific information, like registerd organisation/owner/product id/version et cetera;
  • Name changed from ‘Software Installation Scanner’ into ‘System Information Scanner’, because the tool does more then scanning for installed applications;
  • Speeding up the reading out of the registry, and replace the different subroutines for reading data out of the registry by just 1 subroutine.

If the tool will become open-source… I will let you know