Some applications are not allowed…

One of the company policies is that you are not allowed to install certain applications… because of the stability of your system *blah*blah*…

So it is time for some reverse engineering… :-)

But I want to install some applications… which are not allowed… but within being detected… it is quite easy…

  • Locate the executable file… that scans the machine.
  • If you did so… check if in the registry are some valeus… concerning starting it. (their were no keys)
  • Check the other files in the folder where the executable is located.

Well… the last one make sense… I found that the application scans in the registry key:


So… this is the work-around:

  • Install the application which is not allowed;
  • Run regedit
  • Go to the registry location mentioned above
  • Find the keys
  • Export the keys to a dot-reg file
  • Delete the keys out of the registry

From this point, the application is not listed in the ‘add/remove programs

So if you want to remove the application… using ‘Add/remove programs‘ just import the previous exported registry-keys and they will be listed again… :-) (and detected by the scan tool)