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A SSH-tunnel for RDP on Windows….

Today I was working on a Windows system and on that windows system I wanted to connect via a SSH-tunnel to a RDP-server (another Windows system at my parents place). So I started putty with the command:

putty -L 3389: [email protected]

And after that… I want to ‘Start‘ -> ‘Run…‘ -> ‘mstsc.exe‘ -> ‘OK‘ Connect to And guess what… the client refuses:

So after some Google work I found that I have to change the ‘Compatibility mode‘ for mstsc.exe into ‘Windows 98 / Windows ME‘.

So I went to c:windowssystem32mstsc.exe and guess what:

But after some other search work, I found that you have to copy mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll to some other path, after that you can change the compatibility modus:

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