Added some new stuff to Herakles 0.0.2

Yesterday evening I added some new features, so version 0.0.2 is born (still beta):

  • STDIN output 1 & 2 are put into the $LOG_FILE
  • Register the PID of the script in $LOCKFILE
  • When script started, check if it is not already running by checking the existing of $LOCKFILE
  • Use logger to log starting/stopping backup procedures in the system-log-files

But… there is more to come… some planned features:

  • In the mainbackup-list $SRC_LIST semicolon seperated values for excluding information for that entry
  • User specified backup policies, by reading .herakles-backup files in their home-dir.
  • building every day a tar-file for retention (executed from the src-host).
  • an installation script which installs stuff on the src and dst-host.

And far more fun to come!