Set up an open-wifi network…

Currently I use WEP encryption to secure my private WLAN. But WEP is little bit old... and hackable. So I tried to setup WPA on my Linux-laptop, but with no success :-( I don't know what I do wrong, although I don't want invest a lot of time in it. What I want, is an open wifi network (no WEP/WPA/WPA2) where everybody is free to connect to... but they don't have Internet-connectivity, only when you are able to set up a VPN-connection to the gateway.

Unauthorized users will have the next access:

  • Connection to a webpage, which tells them that the must be authorized to get access to the Internet
  • DHCP-lease in the
  • DNS which resolves 'everything' into the gateway name (where the webpage is running)
  • Able to connect to port 22 (SSH) and login when they have an account
  • Able to connect to port 1194 (OpenVPN) to setup a VPN-connection

Authorized users will be able to:

  • Setup SSH-tunnels for their connectivity
  • Setup VPN-connection for their connectivity

When we draw a graph of this all, we will have somehting like this: