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How to update Python bindings to subversion.

Recently I run into the problem that a team had a requirement for subversion 1.6.6 (while CentOS 5u3 was not supporting this... but the vendor didn't provide a newer release). This team also had a requirement to have TRAC... TRAC is depended on Python... but I was not allowed to update the subversion bindings for python by updating the it on the whole system... so... this is what I did:

  • Installed a number of devel packages:

       # yum install apr-devel neon{,-devel} apr-util-devel

  • Compiled sqlite version 3.6.13 and installed it on NFS:

      $ ./configure --prefix=/nfs/apps/webservices/trac-parent/sqlite/3.6.13
    $ make ; make install

  • Compiled subversion 1.6.6 and installed it on NFS:

    $ make clean; ./configure 

    $ make -j8 ; make install ; make swig-py ; make install-swig-py

  • Added the following line to /etc/sysconfig/httpd:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/nfs/apps/webservices/trac-parent/sqlite/3.6.13/lib/

  • Modified /etc/httpd/conf.d/trac.conf by adding a ‘PythonPath’ to the location-directive:

    <Location /projects>
    PythonPath "['/nfs/apps/webservices/trac-parent/subversion/1.6.6/lib/svn-python'] + sys.path"

  • Restart the trac daemon:

    # service httpd stop
    # service httpd start

  • Now you’ve to resync the trac-instance with Subversion (the
    repository_dir value in the trac.ini of the instance).. but make sure
    you use the correct bindings in Python:

    # export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/nfs/apps/webservices/trac-parent/sqlite/3.6.13/lib/
    # export PYTHONPATH=/nfs/apps/webservices/trac-parent/subversion/1.6.6/lib/svn-python
    # trac-admin ${TRAC_INSTANCE_PATH} repository resync "*"

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