Outlook Disable “reply-to-all/forward”

A long time I was enthusiastic about the fact that with Lotus Notes you were able to disable "reply-to-all" in a mail. After some search on Google, I noticed, that is also possible with MS Outlook. Scott Hanselman wrote a nice article on his weblog:


To make it more user friendly, I modified the code a little bit:

Sub NoReplyAll()
'Disable reply to all/forward options from a mail
'This code is taken from
' http://www.hanselman.com/blog/HowToEasilyDisableReplyToAllAndForwardInOutlook.aspx
'and some small modifications are applied by Pieter de Rijk
' http://blog.adslweb.net

If ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Reply to All").Enabled = True Then

'Check the status if Reply-to-All is enabled, so we disable it
ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Reply to All").Enabled = False
ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Forward").Enabled = False

'Give a prompt that it is disabled
MsgBox "Reply to all/Forward is disabled", vbInformation, "Reply to all/Forward"
'The Reply-to-All is disabled, so enable it again
ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Reply to All").Enabled = True
ActiveInspector.CurrentItem.Actions("Forward").Enabled = True
'Prompt that we enabled it again
MsgBox "Reply to all/Forward is enabled", vbExclamation, "Reply to all/Forward"
End If

End Sub