I guess I did something wrong…

Last Friday I was playing around with one of my FreeBSD production servers. On that server I’ve a number of users for e-mail and other services.I was playing around as root, because I wanted to update/install some new stuff. But at a certain momen…

Gentoo Firefox phones home

Some while ago, I submitted a bug to the Gentoo Bug-trac. I had trouble with Firefox when switching from non-proxy to a proxy-network.


I found that when starting firefox (note: not firefox-bin) the proces wants to connect to www.gentoo.org :-(

Now someone found the issue:

I have the same problem with mozilla-firefox-
Firefox tries to connect to the page mentioned in
pref("browser.startup.homepage", "http://www.gentoo.org/");
If DNS or the page itself is unreachable firefox waits until the request

I haven’t test it yet… but it might solve the issue… ;-)