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64 and 32 bit fun… the nspluginwrapper

On my struggle with my 64bit machine… and using 32bit applications especially the Flash-plugin for mozilla…

So I found the nspluginwrapper… this wrapper will wrap the stuff to a 64bit-env. So I download it and installed it, but… the file npviewer.bin must be compiled on a 32bit-env… So I (re)installed a 32bit-chroot env on my machine (I did it before, but I screwed this environment)… And it compiled

After compiling it, I moved it into the directory where it belongs to…

I restarted mozilla… and guess what… in about:plugins the Flash plugin was listed

So I went to YouTube and… yes… mozilla crashed!

My next step will be… installing and compiling mozilla in the 32bit-chroot-env… and let the users start it from there… on the other hand… It got some benefits, one of them will be… they will be able to view Win32 Codecs…

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