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Last… but not least… version 0.0.3

Finally… I was able to release version 0.0.3 of my beautifull script.

Down here the changelog from version 0.0.1 to 0.0.3:
0.0.1 26-07-2006

  • First concept ready, although if no DISPLAYNAME or something else is available the script picks up the previous value.

0.0.2 27-07-2006

  • Solved the problem if nothing was found.
  • Added the feature to save it to XML or CSV by using the -o flag, default is XML
  • Added the feature that the file will be saved to a filename with computername and timestamp.
  • The possibility to define with the -s flag where the file must be stored

0.0.3 25-09-2006

  • If from an application the name is ‘not-defined’ let’s take a part of the registry-key
  • Read OS Information (Name/Version/ServicePack)
  • Name changed from “Software Installed Scanner” into “System Information Scanner”, because of a lot of features extra into the script.
  • Speeding up the registry reading and making other subroutines for reading data out of the registry obsolete
  • Also implemented a new output formatting, version 0.2. It is backwards compatible with output version 0.1

This script is not yet released open source, because of pending a decision of my boss.

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