A Linux-server… or not… Why don’t you use VMWare? *argh* | Just my blog


A Linux-server… or not… Why don’t you use VMWare? *argh*

Dear reader,

I got a problem, and this problem are two of my collegues (and yes one of the two is the one about the IP-subnet stuff).

My manager asked me to install Linux on a spare HP DL380 server, to start playing with some tool which is only available on a Linux/UNIX system…

And at a certain moment the IP-guy asked me why it is not possible to try on a laptop… and he wanted to give me a very old one… so I said: “I want a new one”. At the same time another collegue was in our office and asked: “Why not using VMWare on a Windows machine to emulate a Linux-env? It works well…”


Tux please come and help me with the battle against my collegues…

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