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Make it virtual

At this moment, I have at home a FreeBSD server named This Server is acting as backup dns/mta/backup for the fileserver. But this 'server' is actually my oldlaptop :-|

So recently it came up into my mind to virtualize some services... so I requested a quote of my local computer reseller (A-SYS Computers) for the next components:

1x AMD Athlon 64X2 4400+ dual-core


1x Kingston 2GB

1x El-Cheapo videokaart

1x Aopen QF50C (Black of Silver)

1x 160GB Harddisk SATA

2x 500GB Harddisk SATA

I will install Gentoo 64bit on it with VMWare-server. Once that is all setup and running, I will move all my current virtual systems to that box... and virtualize as I did before :-D But this won't be done while the system is running... I will turn it off and boot it with a knoppix live-cd.

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