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Did pass ITIL, LPIC201 and LPIC202

As I wrote before, I did pass RHCE, RHCT and LPIC1. After a few weeks of study I also passed LPIC2 and ITIL :-P

The results for ITIL:

Passing score: 65
Your score...: 67
Grade........: PASSED

Section Title                          Score
-------------------------------------- -----
General                                 66
Service Desk                            66
Incident Management                     25
Problem Management                      80
Change Management                       80
Configuration Management                75
Release Management                     100
Service Level Management                66
Availability Management                  0
Capacity Management                     50
IT Service Continuity Management       100
Financial Management for IT Services   100
Other ITIL Topics                      100
Relationships                           50

During the exam I start mixing up 'Availability management' and 'IT Service Continuity Management', which resulted into a score of 0 for Availability management :-|

But I also passed LPIC 201 en LPIC 202.

LPIC 201 results:

Required score: 500
Your score....: 750
Status........: PASS

Section                              Percent Correct
------------------------------------ ---------------
Linux Kernel                               90%
System startup                             87%
Filesystem                                100%
Hardware                                   75%
File and Service Sharing                   87%
System Maintenance                         83%
System Customization & Automation          66%
Troubleshooting                            50%

LPIC 202 results:

Required score: 500
Your score....: 740
Status........: PASS

Section                              Percent Correct

------------------------------------ ---------------
Networking configuration                 85%
Mail & News                              92%
DNS                                      80%
Web Services                            100%
Network Client Management                66%
System Security                          80%
Network Troubleshooting                 100%

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