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Splunk authentication scripts – missing the e-mail field

Recently I have been playing with Splunk's Authenticationscript to retrieve information via Centrify DC, alhtough I noticed that an item for a user which is available in the webinterface for new users, is not available for users "created" via an authentication script.

If you read the specification the output of getUserInfo is:

--status=success|fail --userInfo=<userId>;<username>;<realname>;<roles> 

So for example:

--status=success|fail --userInfo=;pieter;Pieter de Rijk;admin

While in the webinterface you can also enter an e-mail address, so I raised a request with Splunk to get the e-mail address also populated via the authenticationscript-feature and it is picked up as an enhancement request. :-)

I proposed the following output, so the authenticationscript stays backwards compatible:

--status=success|fail --userInfo=<userId>;<username>;<realname>:<mail-addres>;<roles>

So some output like (no comma, because that is used within a lot of companies with the DisplayName attribute like: "Rijk, Pieter de"):

--status=success|fail --userInfo=;pieter;Pieter de Rijk:[email protected];admin

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