The Things Network Community CLI login

Sorry for not writing a new post for a long time... but here I am. Today I started to play with the CLI of The Things Network Community, but run into challenges that the 'tenant-id' was wrong. After struggling with it for a few hours and searching on the TTN Forum without luck, I found a hint on the Slack environment of the community, mentioning to use the .network instead of .industries TLD of the environment. So my $HOME/.ttn-lw-cli.yml contains now:
oauth-server-address: ''
identity-server-grpc-address: ''

gateway-server-grpc-address: ''
network-server-grpc-address: ''
application-server-grpc-address: ''
join-server-grpc-address: ''
device-claiming-server-grpc-address: ''
device-template-converter-grpc-address: ''
qr-code-generator-grpc-address: ''

credentials-id: 'ttn'


And new the login works properly (ttn-lw-cli login)