Connect The Things Indoor Gateway to TTS

Some while ago The Things Industries announced 'The Things Stack'. Since the last update of the Stack (3.13.2) the nice The Things Indoor Gateway (TTIG) can also be claimed. Although this claiming can only be done via the CLI, there are some requirements to claim it successfully:
  • The EUID of the device In this example I set it to 58A0C0FF33C0FFEE
  • The WiFi password used to configure the device initially. In this example I set it to SECR3t1
  • Your username In this example I'll use mine which is paderijk
  • Successfully logged in via the CLI (Check this post)
  • An unique name for your gateway In this example I use ttn-example-gw01
  • The Gateway should not be yet registered in the Stack, otherwise it will fail!
Now issue the following command
ttn-lw-cli gateways claim 58A0C0FF33C0FFEE \
--authentication-code SECR3t1 \ 
--user-id paderijk \
--target-gateway-id ttn-example-gw01 \
--target-cups-uri \
--target-gateway-server-address \
--target-frequency-plan-id EU_863_870_TTN
If the claim was succssfull you will see a response like:
  "gateway_id": "ttn-example-gw01",
  "eui": "58A0C0FF33C0FFEE" 
The Gateway might not appear directly online... but to 'enforce' it, you can power off the gateway and power it on again... and it should be there.